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Free drawing resources for all subjects

By 08/06/2022May 1st, 2024No Comments

We’ve created drawing prompts for all subjects that you can use with your students.

Biology: Draw your own made-up animal in its environment, labelling any adaptations that help it survive.

Chemistry: Design and draw the ultimate costume and accessories for a superhero. Label your drawing with the materials needed, describing the properties of those materials and why they’re effective.

Physics: Draw a detailed scene taking place at your school that involves movement. Label your scene with all of the different forces acting on objects.

English: Draw a character from a novel you have studied. Include descriptive terms for the character’s personality and biography.

Geography: Draw a sketch map of your local community, marking any important features.

Computer Science: Create pixel art by colouring the squares to make a picture.

History: Pick a historical event (but NOT the Norman Conquest) and draw your own “Bayeux Tapestry” showing who was involved and what happened.

Maths: Choose any 2D shape and design your own colourful fabric pattern by repeating the shape in creative ways. Use a compass, ruler and/or protractor to be as neat as possible.


They’re perfect for a cover lesson, for those antsy year 7s who’ve already sat internal exams, or just as a new way to engage students creatively.

Prefer to create your own drawing prompt? Here’s a blank Word template you can adapt.