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Biology Components of a cell AQA: Reproduction 2 CIE: Cell structure and organisation
Edexcel: The nervous system Edexcel: Plant structure and nutrition
OCR Gateway: Cell division
WJEC: Gas exchange in the respiratory system
CCEA: Food chains and food webs
Chemistry Earth’s atmosphere AQA: Reactions of acids with bases or carbonates CIE: Macromolecules
Edexcel: Classification of substances Edexcel: Tests for gases and water
OCR Gateway: Models of bonding
WJEC: Electronic structure
CCEA:Homologous series
Physics Balanced and unbalanced forces AQA: Momentum: the basics CIE: Energy resources
Edexcel: Momentum 1 Edexcel: Series and parallel circuits
OCR Gateway: Atoms and isotopes
WJEC: Transverse and longitudinal waves
CCEA: Centre of gravity
Geography AQA: Physical geography: Coastal landforms – erosion
AQA: Human geography: Achieving sustainability
OCR A: Living in the UK today: Geomorphic processes
OCR A: The world around us: Economic development
OCR A: Geographical skills: Graphical skills
OCR B: Our natural world: Tropical rainforest characteristics
OCR B: People and society: Causes of uneven development
Edexcel B: Global geographical issues: The global atmosphere
Edexcel B: UK geographical issues: River management
Edexcel B: People and environment issues: Sustainable management of tropical rainforests
Edexcel A: The physical environment: Coastal landscapes: effects of human activities
Edexcel A: The human environment: Measuring development
Maths Edxecel: Number – Fractions and percentages
Edexcel: Algebra – Common graphs 2
Edexcel: Ratio, proportion and rates of change – Basic ratio notation
Edexcel: Geometry and measures – Similar shapes
Edexcel: Probability and statistics – Grouped data