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Classroom organisation: tips for primary teachers

By 26/04/2024May 7th, 2024No Comments

We asked primary school teachers for their top tips for creating and maintaining a calm, organised classroom environment. Here’s what they suggested:

  • When greeting pupils, stand in your doorway to keep an eye on both the corridor and the classroom.
  • Use generic display backgrounds so that only the title and work needs to change, not the whole board.
  • For larger display boards, consider using wallpaper as a background. It’s easier to put up and can match your topic better.
  • Prep and print resources for the week and arrange in folders during your PPA.
  • Always have spare carrier bags under your desk for emergencies.
  • Have a class stationery ‘lost and found’. Loose stationery can be put here for children to find.
  • Cabletie tables together to stop them moving around the classroom.
  • A good staple remover is a teacher’s best friend. But be warned, everyone will try and steal it!

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