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Three ways Educake supports revision

By 12/04/2022April 26th, 2024No Comments

Andy Weymouth is a science teacher at Devonport High School for Boys, Plymouth. He’s used Educake for over four years and has shared three ways he uses Educake to support revision.

1. For regular revision throughout the year


Educake’s invaluable for revision. We use it at the end of every module in science – so a revision quiz every three to five weeks all year round.

Using Educake to set end of topic tests for years 7 to 11 all year round means most students are familiar with how to access Educake well before any exam preparation.
The results are all recorded in the mark book and you can see at a glance how students are progressing.

2. To identify gaps in learning and understand individual strengths and weaknesses


Educake is very good at working out whether students have got the knowledge.

The mark book makes it easy to spot areas of difficulty, as you can spot patterns in answers where lots of students got something wrong.

It’s also a quick record of which students haven’t completed their homework. It’s quite obvious which boys are actually doing Educake.

The mark book is also a useful tool to see how individual students are doing performance, for example to consult before a parents’ evening to get an accurate picture of their recent performance.

3. As a reflection tool in the classroom


With the information from the mark book and quiz results page you can pick up which questions students got wrong in their homework and give those topics more attention back in class.

This can help in the run up to exams – Educake makes sure you’re focussing on the areas that need most attention.

You can show student quiz results (anonymised if you want) during a lesson to show common issues, or to review feedback from students.

Top revision tip from Anna, Educake’s Product Director

Remember, the Revision Wizard is available for independent, personalised revision. Students can:

  • Ask the Revision Wizard to set them a quiz based on the areas they need the most support
  • Pick a topic that they want to revise and Educake will set them a quiz
  • View all their teacher and self set quizzes in one place