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Discover the most common knowledge gaps across GCSE Science

By 03/05/2024May 9th, 2024No Comments

All over the UK, students are using Educake to support their science learning (we also offer seven other subjects at secondary and core KS2 primary subjects). We’ve got millions of data points from all the science questions answered in the last couple of academic years.

We’ve built a national picture of science knowledge across biology, chemistry, physics and maths for science. Through this, we’ve been able to identify the most common learning gaps within each science unite across the boards at the national level.

Which science topics do students find the trickiest?
Biology tricky topics
Chemistry Tricky topics
Physics Tricky Topics
Maths for Science
Maths for science tricky topics
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What types of learning gaps could your classroom (or teachers) be facing?

Learning gaps can stem from a variety of places and reasons-and they are not just limited to students. Teachers can often feel overwhelmed with the number of modules and focused time required within the science subjects.

Reduce your students’ learning gaps and make the knowledge stick with Educake

Identifying learning gaps within schools can be a real challenge. Understand and automatically tackle your students’ misunderstandings of science, with Educake.