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Educake is the easy way to set meaningful tasks that students will enjoy, with all the marking and analysis done for you.

We have thousands of questions, carefully written by English teachers for English teachers.

Set meaningful homework that’s marked and analysed for you

Nowadays it seems like there’s more content to cover than ever before. We know that English teachers face a constant struggle to set meaningful homework that students can complete independently. And there’s the burden of marking it all.

We’ve worked really hard with teachers to produce high-quality questions that increase students’ knowledge, cultural capital and skills, but can still be automatically marked and analysed.

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Educake uses high-quality extracts in its questions

Choose from hundreds of questions that develop core skills

Students can struggle to achieve higher grades at GCSE without core skills such as a broad vocabulary or a proper understanding of literary techniques

Educake has hundreds of questions written to develop these skills in students and because it only takes seconds to set a homework and they’re marked for you, students can work independently on these without increasing your workload.

Sample question on core skills - punctuation

Which of these sentences has the correct punctuation?

The chair has lost one of its legs.
The chair has lost one of it’s legs.
The chair has lost one of its’ legs.



Answer explanation:

Normally, you would use an apostrophe to show posession, but in this case, the correct answer is “its”. “It’s” is always short for “it is”.

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Fully functional, unlimited students and teachers for 30 days with no obligation

See your students’ strengths and weaknesses

Our clear test results page lets you identify your class’s problem areas and identify underperforming students, so you can focus on these areas next.

Educake has changed how I teach, based on what I found out from the tests. The misconceptions are often not what I think they are, so I can then change what to focus on.

Tina Southall, Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School, London

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Reduce your marking load

Educake has thousands of auto-marked questions for you to assign to your students. Each question is carefully written so it exactly matches the AQA or Edexcel GCSE English specification you teach - you can set targeted and differentiated homework in seconds.

Creating an English test with Educake

Motivate your students

Students love the instant feedback that Educake gives them after every question. They love being able to set themselves tests. They love being able to do their homework on their phone. And you can use student league tables to motivate them even more.

Educake student league table
I think Educake is amazing it really helps with my recent scores and it also gives us the answers when you get something wrong.

Jade, Year 10, Walsall

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Educake English Pricing

A school subscription to Educake English costs £800 per year, plus VAT.
This is payable annually, at the start of the subscription.

Educake English includes questions for KS3 English and both Language and Literature questions for both the AQA and Edexcel GCSE specifications.

What's included

Thousands of graded English questions
Key Stage 3
English Language
English Literature
Students can create their own tests
Test results analysis
Give feedback on individual questions
Track performance by topic
Research-based algorithmic test creator
No installation hassle - we add your students
Student league tables
Individual student reports
Use with any device: PCs, tablets, phones
School statistics to compare classes
Free app for Android phones and tablets
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Teacher accounts Unlimited
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