How we support you with Edexcel GCSE English Language and Literature

A subscription to Educake English includes KS3 and GCSE, and allows you to choose the exam board you
need, with content and question styles tailored to that specification.

Our popular standalone reading tests help students develop the comprehension and analytical skills they
need for the Language papers. We’ve even included exam-style questions:

In English Literature, we offer questions based on the Edexcel poetry anthologies that encourage students to think about how they would approach each poem in the exam.

Here what’s included in Educake English for Edexcel GCSE:

English Language (over a thousand questions)

  • Fiction Reading (Paper 1, Section A): self-contained reading practice using short extracts
  • Imaginative Writing (Paper 1, Section B): creative writing skills, advice for tasks
  • Non-Fiction Reading (Paper 2, Section A): self-contained reading practice using short extracts
  • Transactional Writing Paper (Paper 2, Section B): types of non-fction, vocabulary, model responses

English Skills

Students need a wide variety of skills to succeed in English, which is why we provide effective retrieval
practice for:

  • Spelling: homophones, frequently confused words, frequently misspelt words
  • Punctuation: commas, apostrophes, semicolons, colons
  • Grammar: word classes, sentence types
  • Literary terms and techniques: rhetorical, narrative, poetic and dramatic terms
  • Proofreading practice
  • Vocabulary

English Literature 

We offer questions to support understanding of plot, character, themes and context for:
Macbeth, Romeo & Juliet, The Merchant of Venice, Much Ado About Nothing, The Tempest, A Christmas Carol, Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde, Frankenstein, An Inspector Calls, Lord of the Flies, Blood Brothers, Animal Farm

Conflict Poetry, Relationships Poetry

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