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Part of a Teacher’s Toolkit

By 04/05/2023October 9th, 2023No Comments
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Educake provides a flexible tool that teachers can use in whatever way makes most sense for them. At Bangkok Patana School, Physics Teacher, Phil Berry uses Educake in the classroom, for homework and revision.

“I use it every day in a variety of situations. As a formative assessment tool in class, for a short quiz, as a home learning activity which we revisit in the next lesson, or sometimes as an intervention tool when a student needs support with a particular topic. Towards the end of the course, it is really useful for students to identify their weakest areas.

“For revision in particular, students have been excellent at self assigning quizzes. It’s easy to access and quick to start (not having to look up pages, decide on what to revise, procrastinate).”

Clear reporting that’s easy to act on

Educake shows how individual students and whole classes are doing. At a glance teachers can track their students’ progress and identify gaps in knowledge.

“It’s been invaluable. Really useful for identifying areas of improvement. The ‘detailed view’ which shows time spent on homework is great. It means that when I am using it as a formative assessment tool, I can provide 1-1 help with students on different questions in real time. It allows me to differentiate easily and offer support.”

Phil’s Conclusion

“Brilliant. I’ve found the customer service to be top-notch. Any question has been answered immediately, and they have done a lot of the admin that takes a lot of time for other sites/software. It really is designed to be a time saver and as effective as possible.”

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