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Our team of authors and editors have carefully written thousands of questions that exactly match exam board specifications. See for yourself with one of our sample quizzes.

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Students' answers are marked instantly with on-screen feedback and an allowance for minor spelling mistakes, saving hours.

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Easily track your students' progress and see their strengths and weaknesses with an easy-to-read red-amber-green system.

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“Educake gives students the confidence to be successful in exams.”

Sam, Head of Science, London

How does Educake work?

Gain insight into your students’ strengths and weaknesses

“Educake has changed how I teach, based on what I found out from the tests. The misconceptions are often not what I think they are, so I can then change what to focus on.”
Tina Southall
Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School, London

Reduce your department’s workload

“Marking load has decreased significantly. With less time spent on the actual marking, it has left more time for addressing any issues highlighted by the incorrect answers.”
Paul Fernandez
Radley College, Oxfordshire

Motivate your students with Educake league tables

“I am pleased with the experience I have had as the program has allowed me to nail down what I could not grasp in the lessons 🙂 “
Year 10 student, Sandwich, Kent

Give your students access to an automatic revision system

“Students really enjoy it. They’re developing a growth mindset. They like the instant feedback they get, and that Educake shows them their weakest topics so they can take a test and improve.”
Chris McColl
Featherstone Academy, West Yorkshire

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