Educake for students

Educake makes doing homework and revision easy and effective

Once your school signs up, you'll be issued an Educake username and password. Then you can log in and do your homework and revision anytime, anywhere on any device.

Educake tests are made of short questions, designed to improve your knowledge and understanding.

Your teachers will set you homework on Educake and you can also set yourself revision tests to improve your knowledge.

Want to see what Educake tests are like? Try one of our sample tests.

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Get instant feedback on your homework

Get instant feedback after every question to reinforce the things you understand, and correct the things you don’t understand.

Set yourself revision tests

Educake can create revision tests really quickly for you. Just choose the topics you want to revise and how many questions you want in the test. Educake will create a revision test for you instantly.

See how you are doing on every topic

Educake shows you your strengths and weaknesses in an easy to read red-amber-green table, so you can focus on the topics that need more work. Click on any topic to take an automatically-created revision test.

Want Educake in your school?

If you'd like to start using Educake to help you improve your knowledge and understanding, talk to your teacher and ask them to visit and sign up for our fully functional, 30 day free trial.

Do you offer individual subscriptions?

Yes! We offer individual student subscriptions in science, with other subjects coming soon. You can try it out for 7 days for free.

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Students really enjoy it. They’re developing a growth mindset. They like the instant feedback they get, and they like that Educake shows them their weakest topics so they can take a test and improve.

Chris McColl, Featherstone Academy, West Yorkshire