Homework for GCSE Science – sorted!

Use Educake instead of worksheets and workbooks - for iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac and PC
Educake matches AQA, OCR Gateway and Cambridge IGCSE specifications exactly Educake for the new Key Stage 3 Curriculum coming soon

Educake can be used for FREE

Your school and students can use Educake for GCSE Science for free. You'll get 20,000 questions marked automatically each year. If you use it a lot, you can upgrade and get 200,000 questions a year for just £199.

Even for really large schools who are really keen, it's just £399 a year for up to 2,000,0000 questions. Wow!

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Great for GCSE Science homework

Educake automatically marks homework, and because all 4000 questions are matched to your GCSE Science specification, it's easy to set work on exactly the topic you've been teaching. All questions have a difficulty level, and you can create custom homework tests.

Our text recognition answer system is far better than the usual multiple choice. You can be sure students really know the answer.

Educake works on iPad, iPhone and Android so homework can be done anywhere and at anytime.

Educake saves teachers time

Perfect for GCSE Science Revision

Students can set themselves tests easily with Educake. They pick the topics, how many questions they want, and Educake creates a GCSE Science test for them. Students can use Educake on almost any device, including iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac and PC.

Easy to read progress reports show students which topics they need to revise most to do well at GCSE Science.

Educake helps students revise

Educake is best in class

Use Educake for classwork, and you can view your students' answers in real time, as they work through the questions. You can see how many questions each student has answered, how many they got right, and their actual answers.

This makes it easy to correct misunderstandings there and then in class, using computers or tablets, including iPad, iPhone and Android.

Educake is best in class

iPad, iPhone, Android, PC and Mac

Educake works on any modern PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone. If your school is lucky enough to have a set of iPads or Android tablets, it's the thing for you.

This means that students can do GCSE Science homework and revision wherever and whenever they want. It also means you can use Educake in class really easily.

Educake works on iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac and PC

Unbelievable value for money

Educake will mark 20,000 questions for your school each year for nothing. Completely free. You won't pay a penny. 200,000 questions costs just £199 a year, and 2,000,000 marked questions is only £399 a year. Unbelievable.

For an average school, Educake is...

bullet  £1000 cheaper than workbooks*
bullet  £800 less than Doddle
bullet  £650 cheaper than worksheets**
bullet  £550 less than Kerboodle

Based on a school with 850 students and 170 in each year, answering 180,000 questions.
Educake is £199 for up to 200,000 marked questions.
* A £2.50 workbook each for biology, physics and chemistry is £7.50 per student. Workbooks for 170 students costs £1275.
** Photocopying 100 sheets at 5p a sheet for 170 students costs £850.

Educake saves schools money