Bridge the gap between year 6 and 7

Let Educake reduce the paperwork burden and provide useful, data-backed insights.
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A smoother transition to KS3

Understand students’ knowledge levels from the outset

Educake covers English, maths and science – access ultimate learning analysis

Relief for year 6 teachers

No more endless spreadsheets – reduce the burden on primary schools

Send consistent data to secondary schools

Secondary schools can make informed decisions and identify knowledge gaps early

Educake Secondary and Primary example of student analysis for homework and revision.
Educake Primary example of student analysis for homework and revision.

Let Educake help bridge the gap between year 6 and year 7

Formative assessment

Analyse pupil progress without setting high stakes.

A low-stress approach to learning

Children can enjoy gentle, regular quizzing

Educake Primary includes English, maths and science

Children’s progress is much clearer and easier to compare with future results

Try a sample quiz

Why not give our sample quizzes a try? They can be used on a whiteboard with students as a fun activity.

Get students ready for success at secondary school

Why not set up a 30 day free trial and get full access – all results and insights included? Students and teachers can see how Educake works for them.


Free 30-day trial
Educake Primary was recommended by EdTech Impact for homework and revision.

Here’s what teachers have to say about us

It's wonderful. One of our vital tools for keeping pupils engaged, motivated and learning.


It has saved so much time. I wish we had been using it for longer.

John, Yorkshire

It reduces workload, giving teachers more time to actually teach

Miss E George, class teacher

Easy to use for staff, easy to use for pupils, easy to display progress

Dan, Lancashire