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Sporty summer resources for geography

By 28/06/2024July 1st, 2024No Comments

With the Olympics just around the corner, we wanted to share a topical KS3/4 geography resource pack you can use with your students.

Use this location decision making worksheet to challenge your students to choose the best site for a new 50,000 seater sport stadium.

With three different sites – rural, suburban and urban – and a range of social, economic and environmental specifications to consider, students will have to use geographical thinking skills to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each site before choosing the most suitable and explaining their decision.

There are several versions of the worksheet with a range of support to suit different abilities. It would make a great cover lesson or for a fun end-of-year stand-alone challenge.

[PDF resources]
[Accompanying Powerpoint]

We’re delighted to share this free activity pack from our friends at Beyond. It will be freely available here on our website until the end of July.

We hope you’ll enjoy using it with your students. If you do, share a couple of photos with us or tag us on social media (@Educake), and we’ll send you some treats in the post!