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Set homework and retrieval practice super quickly

It’s easy to set quizzes that are customised to your teaching. Educake has over ten thousand auto-marked questions, which give students loads of opportunities for retrieval practice without giving you lots of marking.

You can select questions based on topic, difficulty, tier, or the skills they test.

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Creating a Science test with Educake
As the quizzes are self marking (and give feedback!) I can set meaningful amounts of recall homework without the fear of creating a huge pile of marking!
No marking, quick to analyse performance

See students’ progress and knowledge gaps

The test results page makes it easy for teachers to see how well topics are understood by individuals and the whole class.
It’s easy to identify areas of difficulty to focus on and give targeted feedback directly to students.

Working out the strengths and weaknesses of the students from the quiz is so simple and then you can use this to inform the next steps of revision / teaching
Mark book is brilliant giving data in one place which is easy to manipulate

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Educake Science pricing

A school subscription to Educake Science costs £800 per year, plus VAT.
This is payable annually, at the start of the subscription.

What's included

  • High-quality questions and revision
    • Thousands of science questions
    • AQA, Edexcel, OCR Gateway, WJEC and CCEA GCSE
    • Cambridge International Examinations and Edexcel IGCSE
    • Key Stage 3
    • Questions on practicals, maths skills, and physics equations
    • Study Guides
  • Time Saving
    • Auto-marking questions
    • Customisable tests
    • Random question selector to create pre-made tests for you
    • Give personalised feedback to students on an individual question or whole test
  • Enables independent study
    • Research-based, adaptive algorithm creates tests for every student
    • Students can create their own tests
    • Tools to help students understand their strengths and weaknesses and guide their revision
  • Data and analysis
    • Test results analysis and markbook
    • Track student performance by topic
    • Individual student reports
    • Student league tables
    • School statistics to compare classes
  • Accessible and easy to use
    • No installation hassle - we add your students
    • Use with any device: PCs, tablets, phones
    • Free app for Android phones and tablets
    • Free app for Apple phones and tablets
    • Unlimited teacher accounts
    • Unlimited student accounts
    • Used by over half a million students every month