Understand and address knowledge gaps, instantly

  • Low stakes quizzing for primary and secondary schools
  • Automatically set (and mark!) homework
  • Immediate visibility of knowledge gaps
  • Compare student understanding against national averages

Low-stakes quizzing just got a lot more meaningful

Educake has thousands of ready-to-go, auto-marking subject-specific questions, designed to motivate independent learning and make homework more meaningful.

With our insights and analysis tool, you can quickly assess individual student understanding, compare class and national averages, and identify learning gaps.

Formative assessment – powered by Cognitive Science

We believe spaced reflective learning and retrieval practice helps the knowledge ‘stick’, enhancing learning experiences and reducing learning gaps.

Instead of spending time re-teaching topics, Educake follows the spaced lesson approach with retrieval activities.

Teaching students to reflect on their learning leads to deeper, meaningful, and longer-lasting learning. It also motivates independent learning, which is made more accessible by giving students digital access to Educake from any device.

“Metacognitive skills include learning-to-learn skills and the ability to recognise one’s knowledge, skills, attitudes and values,” and “Metacognition, lifelong learning and understanding other cultures are needed to adapt to a changing environment.”

OECD: The Future of Education and Skills 2030

Educake has been really useful for us...we can see how they’ve done on each topic as well and give the students feedback. They get instant marking and instant assessment, so it really decreases our workload.

Charlie Tibble, Joint Subject Leader for Science, St Wilfrid’s Catholic School, Crawley

Giving teachers the space to think

We believe great education can only happen when teachers have the space to think.

Our low-stakes, auto-marking quizzes offer invaluable insights into student understanding, immediately identifying knowledge gaps across any subject. Armed with this data, teachers are able to spend more time honing their teaching approaches to address these specific needs, fostering personalised instruction for improved learning outcomes.

Welcome to Educake, the UK’s favourite personalised formative assessment system, powered by cognitive science.

Before Educake

  • Create your own quizzes from scratch.
  • Consider topics, questions, resources, and time needed to complete homework assignments — while making it interesting for your students.
  • Spend evenings, weekends, and any spare moment marking work.
  • Stick to a homework policy that isn’t consistent and ‘ticks the boxes.’
  • Track learning performances using a system where student data is often siloed or not granular enough to evaluate individual student progress.

With Educake

  • Set quizzes for Key Stage topics across a range of subjects — in seconds.
  • Assign homework automatically, from thousands of specification-matched questions.
  • Access a centralised and consistent homework policy — enabling activities to be set by subject experts.
  • Auto-mark work to free up time for teaching.
  • Get a granular view of each quiz, broken down by year group, class, individual student, question and score.
  • Spot misconceptions and knowledge gaps at a glance.
  • Compare class scores with National Averages.

What do teachers think?

Educake is a game changer. Self-marking tests has to be the way forward.

AndyScience teacher, November 2021

It's been a fantastic tool to support, develop and evaluate student understanding of topics.

AndrewHead of Computing, December 2021

It’s massively reduced teacher workload and provided students with a way to understand their areas of strength and weakness.

JonathanHead of Geography, September 2021
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See Educake in action

1 billion+ formative questions answered

Create classwork and homework in moments using our bank of pre-loaded quizzes. With thousands of questions covering eight subjects from SATS to GCSE, low-stakes quizzing has never been so easy!

Want further customisation? Sure! Add study guides, external links, or customise the questions to suit the needs of your class.

Clear insights and actionable analysis – mapped to National Averages

Easily track whole class and individual student progress with your own dashboard.

Map question and topic understanding against national average benchmarks, and easily identify knowledge gaps across any cohort. Be fully informed with your teaching and targeted interventions — making your ‘spaced lessons,’ retrieval activities, and homework quizzes more meaningful.

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