Meet the team

Charley Darbishire, Educake Founder

Charley Darbishire
Managing Director and Founder

After studying Experimental Psychology at Oxford University, Charley went on to write, design and edit many of the UK's best-selling revision guides, practice papers and workbooks for CGP.

Charley designed Educake, working closely with teachers, and taught himself programming to develop it.

Anna Wallis, Educake Lead Editor

Anna Wallis
Product Director

Anna is the Product Director for Educake. With a background in Cognitive Science from Berkeley, California, she works with our authors to make sure the questions match the specifications exactly, and that they are of the very best quality.

Anna also works closely with teachers who use Educake to design the interface and new features so it is quick and easy to use.

Claire Gilbert

Claire Gilbert
Operations Director

Claire oversees sales, marketing and operations at Educake. She has had a long and varied career in EdTech, and is passionate about helping children achieve the best outcomes they can.

In her spare time she is involved in the governance of her local school, reluctantly runs, and is an enthusiast of making the most of right now.

Clive Calmeyer

Clive Calmeyer
Technical Director

Clive has been building things for the web for a very long time. Now he is excited to be building the team that is building the best educational software that they can.

Andy Clyde

Andy Clyde
Back-End Developer

Andy has worked as a software engineer for 20 years for companies of all sizes. His role is to ensure the Educake system is as efficient and reliable as possible while building new features to assist teachers, students, editors and the rest of the Educake team.

Outside the office, you're most likely to find him on his bike roaming around the lanes of Oxfordshire; or occasionally in the Alps.

Nick Carpenter, Educake Front-end Developer

Nick Carpenter
Front-End Developer

Nick has wide-ranging experience in the start-up world and has worked on apps and websites for companies such as Oxfam, Orange, Panasonic and EE.

Nick's role is to ensure the best possible experience for all Educake users on any device.

Danielle Adkins

Danielle Adkins
Junior Developer

Danielle has a range of experience with start-up SaaS companies. She is passionate about front-end development, user experience and design.

In her spare time she can be found exploring a new place with a book, a camera, and a notebook in hand.

Alison Garcia

Alison Garcia

Alison is the Commissioning Editor for English at Educake. As a former English teacher herself, she understands the difference that quality learning resources can make for teachers and students.

She works with authors to ensure that Educake’s questions are engaging, and that they target the skills that students need to succeed in English.

Charlotte Watson, Educake Editor

Charlotte Watson

Charlotte is an editor for Educake. She is a trained ecologist and has an MSc in Biodiversity, Conservation and Management from the University of Oxford.

As a self-confessed geek, she enjoys helping to create informative science content for the next generation of young scientists.

Anjali Reddy

Anjali Reddy

Anjali is an editor for Educake. She studied for an MSc in Edinburgh after completing her degree in Biological Sciences at the University of Oxford.

She helps to create concise and scientifically accurate questions and study guides for Educake. Anjali has an artistic flair, and loves to paint, draw and read in her spare time.

Nicola Allen

Nicola Allen
Account Manager Team Leader

Nicola has spent many years as an Account Manager helping schools use educational software. Passionate about Education, her focus is to provide excellent service ensuring teachers have the best support when using Educake.

In her free time, you'll find her busy exercising or championing her children from the side lines with their sporting pursuits.

Madalina Marinescu

Madalina Marinescu
Account Manager

Madalina is part of the Account Management team for Educake. Having worked in a different industry, she is excited to step into the education world and help teachers and students make the most of Educake.

In her spare time, Madalina likes to volunteer and to cook for her friends. She also enjoys travelling and learning new languages.

Jim Green, Marketing and Strategy Advisor

Jim Green
Market Strategy Advisor

Jim Green has vast experience in producing educational resources as former Managing Director of Collins Education. He has worked in a range of educational publishing roles specialising in elearning, content development, sales and marketing.

Jim is a Director of Educake and advises on business and market strategy.

Dave Fletcher, Technical Advisor

Dave Fletcher
Technical Advisor

Dave Fletcher is the founder and MD of White October, an Oxford-based web and mobile software development company, which works with clients to refine and develop their ideas and applications.

Dave advises Educake on technical strategy.

Kate Redmond, Educake Science Editor

Kate Redmond
Author and Editor

Kate writes and edits questions for Educake. A science whizz, Kate writes clear and challenging questions, and bring an author's ideas to life.

Kate has helped make great resources for Oxford University Press, Pearson, Hodder Education, CGP, Cambridge University Press and many more.

Kevin Smith, Educake Science Author

Kevin Smith
Author and Editor

Kevin is a very experienced science teacher and teacher trainer and has produced resources for Oxford University Press, Pearson, Collins Education, ASE and WIKID science.

Michael Strachan

Michael Strachan works as an assistant headteacher and head of Science at a large international school in the Middle East. He has taught all three sciences to IGCSE and is an A level examiner for Edexcel.

Michael has written textbooks for Cambridge University Press and frequently delivers whole-school CPD on science teaching, the use of VLEs and leadership.

Adrian Schmidt

Adrian has spent most of his 30 years in teaching as a head of Science in an inner city comprehensive. His background is in zoology, with a PhD in cell biology, and he has published research papers in international journals.

Adrian is currently an educational consultant, building on his years working in the advisory service of a local education authority

Gareth Clarke, Educake Science GCSE Illustrator

Gareth Clarke

Gareth is a very experienced illustrator for educational resources and has previously worked for Boardworks, Pearson, Oxford University Press.

He works carefully with our authors, then uses his creative magic to make accurate and great-looking illustrations.

Russell Perrin

Russell holds a BSc Physics degree and an MSc in Modern Laser Physics and applied Optics. He has been a teacher of science for over 10 years and is currently the Head of Science at a science specialist academy.

Russell is also a freelance science writer, editor and education consultant, and works with Educake to ensure the accuracy of the questions.

Jessica Scaife
Author and Proofreader

Jessica Scaife has a degree in Neuroscience and a PhD in Psychopharmacology. She was Head of Biology at Royal School Hampstead, and is now a Neuroscientist at Oxford University in the Department of Psychiatry.

Jessica works with Educake writing and proofreading questions.

Kate Derrick, Educake Science GCSE Illustrator

Kate Derrick

Kate is an illustrator and 2D animator. She has worked as a graphic designer and illustrator for educational publishers on an in-house and freelance basis. She has also worked on animation for Children’s TV, most recently as Lead Animator for Mr Bean: The Animated Series.

Kate produces many of the illustrations for Educake, and enjoys drawing and drinking tea.